Landslide Hazard Management System in West Virginia - Phase I

The decision making and prioritizing of maintenance and remediation plans can be executed objectively only when a framework of the landslide hazard rating system is developed. The ultimate goals of this project will be to: (a) Assist the West Virginia Department of Highways (WVDOH) manage the landslides inventory; and (b) Provide a methodology for the WVDOH Program Planning and Administration Division to redistribute the landslide funds based on needs and severity of landslides. The primary objectives of the project are to: (1) Develop electronic field reconnaissance method or form; (2) Develop and populate an inventory of existing landslide sites; (3) Develop a comprehensive web‐enabled, geographic information system (GIS)‐based landslide database; (4) Develop an appropriate standardize rating matrix for landslides; and (5) Develop a user manual and training materials for the landslide hazard management program.