Fixed Asset Reporting for the National Transit Database

This project will develop a tool for collecting a more complete set of asset inventory data from transit providers as part of the annual National Transit Database (NTD) reporting process. This new reporting tool will improve the organization of vehicle and guideway data already being collected and will add new data on system assets that have a significant impact on long-term reinvestment needs. The project will develop a spreadsheet-based data collection tool with built-in validation checks that can be used by transit systems to report data to the NTD, along with training materials and definitions of data elements. It includes managing the first-year (pilot) data collection for rail transit systems, providing technical assistance, summarizing results, and making recommendations for final implementation. Transit operators will also be able to use the spreadsheet as a standard template for creating an asset inventory that can be used by asset management analysis tools such as the "Lite" version of the Transit Economic Requirements Model (TERM), which FTA makes available as a free download that agencies can use for long-term capital investment planning. The contractor will deliver recommended data elements, a spreadsheet-based reporting tool, a reporting manual and training materials, and a report on pilot implementation of new reporting procedures for rail transit asset reporting. The tool will gather new data on transit facilities, guideways, and subsystems (such as train control, telecommunications, and power) while minimizing the reporting burden on the transit industry. The additional data will allow FTA to track the impact of current capital investments and to better evaluate and forecast required levels of capital investment needed to bring transit operators to a State of Good Repair.