Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) Demonstration for Transit: Utility of Real-Time Transit Vehicle Data

This project will explore and assess the utility of real-time transit vehicle data and will examine the issues, challenges, and feasibility of its use. It will support the ability of the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) and Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) to collect and transmit transit vehicle location and passenger loading data of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) buses (which will operate in the I-15 corridor) to a transit management center or integrated corridor management (ICM) system in real time to make informed ICM operational decisions. For example, the project will explore the scenarios for which MTS could increase capacity in real time to accommodate dynamic mode shift to transit during certain operational conditions in the I-15 corridor (e.g., incidents) or to use the data to select appropriate ICM strategies to implement. The project will also explore how real-time transit vehicle health data could improve responses to road calls or prevent bus breakdowns in the field. Finally, the project will explore the use of real-time on-board video footage for security purposes and real-time data to provide on-demand, in-vehicle traveler information to passengers. The results from the demonstration will be documented in a final project report and used in an independent evaluation conducted by the Volpe Center.