Feasibility of Using Cone Penetrometer Truck (CPT) to Install Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) and Fiber Optic Slope Failure Detectors in Pavement Structures

Slope stability is a major issue affecting the performance of pavement structures, particularly in hilly areas. TDR cables can be used to determine slope movement but the time and cost involved with drilling the hole to install the cable, as well as the vulnerability of that cable to damage by moisture, are significant concerns. The purpose of this investigation is to determine the feasibility of using a cone penetrometer as an alternative means for creating holes for TDR probes. Also, this study will compare the performance of fiber optic to traditional TDR cable systems to see which is more durable and resistant to damage, particularly from moisture. The use of a CPT to create holes and the use of fiber optic cables for TDRs will significantly reduce the cost of TDR installations and improve reliability of the systems which will lead to increased monitoring of sensitive spots at a reduced cost by state DOTs.