Develop Traffic Counter Bench Tester with 8-Lane Testing Capacity

As part of its traffic counter repair process, the Traffic Monitoring Section utilizes a tester to verify that the counter is working properly. The current unit has the ability to test counters that collect 4 lanes of data or less. With increased demands in traffic and the construction of roadways with multiple lanes, we have begun utilizing counters that have the ability to collect data for up to 8-lanes. In order to repair and thoroughly test the accuracy of these units, we need a bench tester that has the ability to provide up to 8 lanes of information.  The objective of "Develop Traffic Counter Bench Tester with 8-Lance Testing Capacity" is utilizing the existing design and functions of our existing 4-lane bench tester, the developer will give this new unit the ability to produce 8 lanes of data. This would include 8 lanes of sensor inputs (loop-piezo-loop).