Accelerated Load Testing of Geosynthetic Base Reinforced Pavement Test Sections

The main objective of this research study is to evaluate the benefits of geosynthetics (mainly geogrids) stabilization and reinforcement of base aggregate layer in flexible pavements build on weak subgrades, and the effect of pre-rut of pavement sections prior to the construction of HMA layer on geosynthetics benefits and performance. This will be achieved through conducting accelerated load testing on geosynthetic reinforced unpaved and pavement test sections to be constructed at ALF site. Different types and configurations of geogrid, geotextile, and geocomposite will be considered for base reinforcements. Another objective is to evaluate the design parameters of geosynthetic reinforced flexible pavement in terms of the 1993 AASHTO pavement design guide and possibly the MEPDG that can provide a more suitable pavement structure design responsive to site conditions and projected loading.