Development and Validation of a Predictive Settlement Model for Pile Driving in Silts

Mitigating the settlement of adjacent ground and structures during pile driving is of vital importance during bridge construction because of potential project cost increases, work stoppages and issues related to public safety. However, as urban development increases so does the quantity of construction activities near existing and aging bridges. This increase in nearby construction can have a profound effect of the serviceability of existing bridges by causing large settlements of the supporting soil. Therefore, settlement predictions must be included in not only bridge foundation design and construction but also in any bridge monitoring and/or preservation program. The objective of this research is to conduct a bench-scale study to be used in the development and validation of models for predicting settlement of adjacent ground and structures due to pile driving in silts. Ultimately, the results of this work will be used by engineers and contractors working on bridge foundations, excavation support, and construction monitoring programs in these soils.