Active Transportation Measurement and Benchmarking Development Extension: Minneapolis Case Study

This project is an extension of the current Gulf Coast Center project, the Active Transportation Measurement and Benchmarking Study: New Orleans Case Study. The New Orleans Case Study examines the impact of improved bicycling and walking facilities installed following Hurricane Katrina. The Minneapolis Case Extension takes advantage of another unique research opportunity to examine a large scale environmental intervention in Minneapolis where $20 million in active transportation improvements are being implemented as part of the federal Nonmotorized Transportation Pilot Program. Bicycle count data from over 40 locations around Minneapolis have been collected both before new facilities were installed and after their completion. This longitudinal data set, supplied to researchers by Transit for Livable Communities, provides an important opportunity to utilize a pre/post design to test the impact of environmental change. This unique data set presents an important opportunity to longitudinally evaluate change in built environment on bicycling usage.