Value of Information for Optimal Adaptive Routing in Stochastic Time-Dependent Traffic Networks: Algorithms and Computational Tools

The objective of the project is to develop algorithms and computer implementations to study a class of optimal adaptive routing problems in stochastic time-dependent traffic networks where a wide variety of traveler information situations can be modeled and the value of information can be compared. The project is motivated by two observations of the traffic system: 1) the system is inherently uncertain with random disturbances such as incidents, bad weather, work zones and so forth; and 2) traveler information is or will be available so that travelers could make travel decisions adaptive to the random disturbances to reduce negative effects of uncertainty. The project will contribute to the state of the art by solving a class of fundamental network optimization problems; it will also provide algorithms and computer software for assessing effects of various forms of Advanced Traveler Information Systems (ATIS) in terms of reducing expected travel time and increasing travel time reliability