Vehicle Modeling for Future Generation Transportation Simulation

Transportation systems in the 21st century are facing many critical issues including mobility and safety problems. Critical issues call for innovative technologies and solutions. Systems soon to be launched under the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) Vehicle Infrastructure Integration (VII) Initiative are directed toward addressing these critical issues. To facilitate an understanding of the VII initiative and to assess future VII-enabled transportation systems, future generation transportation simulation tools will be required. In response to this need for simulation tools, this research proposes to develop a dynamic vehicle model as the first step toward achieving long-term VII goals. Such a model is practically unavailable but particularly needed in a VII setting because many VII-enabled vehicle and traffic control strategies work directly on vehicles and the dynamic response of these vehicles determines the effect and overall performance of the VII strategies. This project is proposed with Federal, State, and local transportation research interests in mind. In addition, this project addresses the University of Massachusetts (UMass) Transportation Center theme "Improving Transportation Mobility and Safety with Innovative Technologies and Strategies" and this research responds to a national priority by contributing to the VII initiative.