Evaluating Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) in Denver, Colorado

The goal of this project is to establish a baseline to help gauge the impact of transit-oriented development (TOD) in Denver in response to the development of the Regional Transportation District (RTD) light and commuter rail transit system. This baseline will be set for both the recently opened Southwest and Southeast light rail corridors as well as the new corridors proposed in the RTD FasTracks initiative. TOD is one method suggested in the FasTracks initiative to help meet the program goals of improved economic development opportunities, improved quality of life, and balancing transit needs with future regional growth. Issues such as the influence of TOD on transit ridership and total trip generation will be analyzed. TOD's impact on traffic congestion, environmental quality, and energy consumption will also be evaluated. Different scales of analysis will be conducted from the station and corridor levels to the county and district levels. Comparisons of development in transit and non-transit nodes and corridors will also be done. The objectives of this project are to evaluate TOD development in Denver to determine its overall regional impact and see if it is meeting its stated goals. During this project, already completed TOD development in Denver will be evaluated and a baseline for the future analyses of the impact of TOD development will be created.