Investigation of Performance of Shallow Soil Anchors in Frozen Soils

This project will investigate the performance of shallow anchors in frozen soils and develop an anchored wire mesh system which can be used to solve the problems associated with the exposed ice-rich permafrost cut slopes. The system will be safe, environmentally acceptable, cost-effective, and requires little maintenance in the long term. The specific goals of the project are as follows: (1) to investigate the rate of thermal degradation of ice-rich permafrost cut slopes; (2) to investigate load transfer characteristics of a shallow anchors during freeze-thaw cycles; (3) to investigate the local and global stability of the slope protection systems; (4) to investigate performances of different anchored systems for ice-rich permafrost cut slopes exposed during construction and investigate the optimum design for ice-rich permafrost cut slopes; and (5) to investigate methods to construct ice-rich permafrost cut slopes with an anchored slope protection system.