MagneMotion's Urban Maglev 3M System

MagneMotion, Incorporated will continue to research and test the prototype M3 Low-Speed Urban Maglev System. As a team member, Old Dominion University will assist MagneMotion in furthering its research in specific areas of Maglev technology development via a two-phased Low-Speed Urban Maglev Project. In Phase I, MagneMotion will install and demonstrate the M3 Low Speed Urban Maglev System design on Old Dominion University's guideway in Norfolk, Virginia. Phase I work activities aim to complete the design and construction of two guideway beams and two maglev bogies, develop a test plan, and successfully test and record low speed test results. Phase II will address the testing of M3 Maglev system at MagneMotion's laboratory/facility. Maglev is a revolutionary approach for transportation. Trains are lifted and propelled by magnetic forces without wheels contacting the rail surface.