Multimodal Biometric Models for Improving the Productivity and Security of the Terminal Gates

This research focuses on integrating multimodal biometric models into the Terminal Gate Appointment System (TGAS) for improving the efficiency and security of terminal gates at the Los Angeles/Long Beach ports (POLA/POLB). The multimodal biometric system is proposed in response to ineffectiveness of the current terminal gate appointment system. An efficient distribution of truck movements across the gate is in urgent need to reduce both delays at the port and on the highway system. The proposed research project will investigate the feasibility and economics of the multimodal biometric models for the TGAS. There are many potential advantages of using biometric system for TGAS. In addition to its efficiency of reducing truck queuing time outside the gate and increasing the terminal throughput, it offers unparalleled accuracy and 24/7 up time in the most extreme weather condition to the terminal gate. Thus, the long-term solution to boost the gate productivity can be effectively achieved to accommodate future projected growth in demand at POLA/POLB without worry about limited physical expansion constraints and strict labor rules.