Transit Cooperative Research Program

This project provides ongoing support to the Transit Cooperative Research Program [49 U.S.C. § 5314(a)]. The program focuses on issues significant to the transit industry with emphasis on local problem-solving research. The FTA Strategic Plan and the Research and Technology Five- Year Plan provide the framework for TCRP efforts, which include research in a variety of transit fields such as: planning, service concepts, vehicles and equipment, facilities, operations, human resources, maintenance, policy, and administrative practices. TCRP synthesis reports summarize best transit industry practices and have been useful to transit operators. Since TCRP's inception in 1992, approximately 1,500 research problem statements have been submitted, and the TCRP Project Selection and Oversight Committee, comprised of industry representatives, has designated 303 projects and studies to address these problems. More than 1,300 representatives of the transit industry have served on panels, which guide TCRP projects, providing a direct channel for promptly disseminating results to those who can apply them in practice. TCRP products include 69 Research Reports, 37 Transit Synthesis Reports, 42 Research Results Digests, 16 Legal Research Digests, 24 Transit IDEA Reports on development of innovative products and processes, and 9 software products. Over 400,000 copies of these products have been distributed. The Transportation Research Board administers the program and maintains a publications list and description of all TCRP studies on its website, (http:/ /www4. In addition, the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) maintains a TCRP Dissemination website, at (], to assist in the dissemination process to the transit industry. All TCRP publications are available electronically for immediate access through these websites.