Rut Testing of Hot Mix Asphalt and Superpave for Low Volume Roads

Currently, local aide utilizes the Marshall design for HMA materials on local roads. However, by 2005, the NJDOT will not provide specification for Marshall design, only for Superpave design, thus simplifying both the testing specifications and the design books at the suppliers. Unfortunately, many local aide engineers are resisting the move to Superpave because they feel it may be too complicated and not provide the same performance as the time test Marshall mixes. The research was to evaluate four Marshall mixes that are performing well in the field and evaluate them under the Superpave design methodology. Volumetric analysis and performance testing were also conducted to evaluate if differences exist between the two mixes. The end result of the work being a document that the local aide can use to illustrate that only minor to no differences exist between the two design methodologies when designing low volume roads.