Ride Quality Issues

This project is a follow-up of a study conducted by NJDOT Bureau of Research to evaluate the applicability of using automated highway profilers to replace the Rolling Straightedges (RSE) currently used by NJDOT to implement the department's smoothness specifications. The study recommended that NJDOT select an automated profiler to replace the RSE as its official and standard smoothness measuring equipment, and correlation models developed to calibrate other profilers with the standard profiler. It was recommended to select an indicator that better represents ride statistic as compared to using %DL or IRI. The present project is aimed for carrying out further research to develop new acceptance specifications for improving QA/QC practice of evaluating pavement smoothness. This will involve replacing the presently used RSE device with a standard automated highway profiler and the use of a new ride statistic, which gives better representation of the actual pavement smoothness. The new statistic can then be used for calculating contractor bonuses and penalties as opposed to the current practice of using %DL.