Cost/Benefit Analysis Modification to Traffic Signal Modeling Project

In order to continue its efforts to improve traffic flow through traffic signal enhancements, NJDOT is seeking to establish an on-going program to routinely update and upgrade traffic signals on key state highway corridors. While a number of research studies generally show significant benefits of signal optimization, NJDOT would require more specific cost justification in order to establish a regular, ongoing program for traffic signal upgrades. Therefore, NJDOT has requested that the preparation of a proposal to determine cost/benefit ratios of implementing recommended signal enhancements for the two study corridors. The purpose of developing a methodology and integrating simulation/optimization models to conduct the proposed cost and benefit analysis project for NJDOT. Project 2001-01 is to provide a basis for the optimization of other non-interconnected signalized intersections in other areas throughout the State and aide in the reduction of traffic, congestion and congestion costs on the two studied roadway segments in NJDOT Project 2001-01.