Use of LED or Other New Technology to Replace Standard Overhead and Sign Lighting (Mercury and/or Sodium)

The research team will gather information on existing bulbs and hardware commonly used by NJDOT. This information will help to establish a baseline for the cost/benefit analysis. This study will include systems such as overhead street lamps and roadside signboards that are illuminated. A comparison will be made between the different lighting technologies presently used as well as those identified in the literature search that may not yet be mainstream. All bulbs will be compared in a performance test to determine their respective efficiencies. Bulb recommendations will be made after analyzing results on specific criteria (power consumption, illumination, durability, bulb life, etc.) The data collected in the research phase of the study will be compared to that found in the literature review, to assist in the verification and evaluation of experimental results. Bulb comparison is discussed in more detail as part of the Phase II section of this proposal. The overall testing procedures for the bulbs will be determined as a part of Task 2, thus addressing any special problems specific to individual technologies.