Development and Demonstration of Fleet Management Strategies for Timber Bridges

The objectives of the work are to develop and illustrate, through application to several different timber bridge fleets (i.e., each fleet represents bridges with similar geometrical, material and behavioral characteristics), the concepts of and information needed to adopt and implement fleet management strategies; to develop an implementation plan for fleet management strategies; and to illustrate the viability of fleet management strategies. Research Plan: The study will be completed in nine main phases: literature review and information synthesis; information collection for a single bridge type (e.g., longitudinal girder bridges); identification and selection of several different populations of bridges (fleets) with similar critical behaviors; collection of bridge specific information for the selected fleets; selection of a bridge sub-sample for analytical, experimental, and inspection evaluation; development of the statistical relationship between bridge characteristics with codified assessments to identify the independent variables; conduct of a rigorous analytical, experimental, and inspection evaluation; development and application of procedures for relating independent variables to the rigorous evaluation results, and preparation of a final report.