I-5 Seattle Corridor--Pavement Deterioration Study

At this time the first project specifically identified to reconstruct a section of pavement within this corridor is not scheduled to begin until 2013. There is an obvious concern that the existing pavement that is showing signs of increasing deterioration will deteriorate to the extent that will require action by WSDOT well before 2013. The three major goals for this study of terminal pavement deterioration trends in the I-5 Seattle Corridor are as follows: (1) Assess how much longer each segment within the 28 mile I-5 urban corridor will survive before rehabilitation/reconstruction is required. Determine and report for specific segments the estimated terminal distress type and timing. (2) Develop improved PCCP performance analysis tools and procedures for WSDOT so that the assessment can be updated by WSDOT in the future and expanded to other sections of their Highway System. (3) Initiate a visualization process that can convey the current and future conditions of this corridor to decision makers and the general public.