Flow Analysis Support

The Washington State Department of Transportation's (WSDOT's)FLOW system uses a combination of traffic detectors, signals, and traveler information devices to help manage traffic flow on major freeway corridors in the greater Seattle area. This project proposes to assist various WSDOT offices to support their analytical requirements for freeway performance monitoring data for FY 2006-2007. This assistance will take the form of analytical output produced by TRAC-UW (data, graphs, reports, presentation materials), enhancements to the TRAC FLOW software, and technical support to WSDOT users of the software. The overall intent of this project is to: (1) Perform freeway performance monitoring analysis as requested to support WSDOT staff and projects (2) Develop and enhance the associated TRAC FLOW software tool set to facilitate analysis performed by TRAC-UW and WSDOT staff (3) Provide technical support to users of the TRAC FLOW software tool set Analytical output will be used to help meet WSDOT operational, planning, policy, and public information needs, while tools and technical support will be developed to help meet those analytical objectives.