Fischer-Tropsch Diesel Fuel Transit Demonstration

This research will demonstrate the operating performance benefits and market acceptance of Ultra-Clean Fischer Tropsch (FT) diesel fuel in transit fleet applications. The fuel provides reduction in emissions and toxicity and can be produced from domestic non-petroleum energy sources such as--coal, biomass, and sub-quality natural gas. The Fairbanks North Star Borough will provide two demonstration buses that will run on Syntroleum's ultra-clean S-1 artic-grade fuel during the coldest period of winter in Fairbanks, Alaska. The buses will run 12-14 hours per day and consume up to 42 gallons per day, or 1,302 gallons per month. A successful demonstration of the fuel in extreme cold weather is expected to further increase acceptance of the FT fuel as a viable substitute for traditional petroleum-based fuels. Another demonstration (OK-26-7005) is underway in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to cover a wider range of climate and potential operating conditions. The project will compile emissions reduction data relative to standard diesel fuel. In addition to fleet demonstrations, the project will explore the utilization of Fischer-Tropsch fuel for hydrogen production in association with future fuelcell/reformer power system development.