Galveston Fixed Guideway Project

The objective of this cooperative agreement is to support the efforts of the City of Galveston, Texas, in implementing a new regional rail service and traveler information systems along I-45 to help reduce congestion and improve mobility in the area. Heavy traffic volumes in general and during the peak tourist season on the I-45 causeway leading to Galveston Island, generated the need for development of alternative means of public transportation to the island, as well as access to the mainland during hurricane season. To accomplish this, the City will purchase rail service on days that the causeway is operating at level of service "F" (heavy congestion) and utilize existing message signs along I-45 to alert motorists of the availability of rail service as an alternative means to the Island. By utilizing ITS technologies, the City of Galveston will demonstrate the benefits of integrating sub-regional passenger rail service with Galveston's existing public transportation system, thereby creating an efficient and comprehensive public transportation alternative to the automobile during peak periods of congestion or in the event of a weather emergency.