Methods for Implementing Innovative Transportation Project Delivery Systems

The project will investigate how government transportation agencies can move forward with non-traditional delivery systems such as Design-Build (D-B), Construction Manager at Risk (CM@R) or other innovative methods while maximizing quality, minimizing cost and accelerating delivery times. Depending on the complexity of the project, D-B, CM@R and other project delivery methods have realized significant savings related to schedule while maintaining appropriate quality standards. D-B methods have proven effective on straight forward projects, while CM@R and other variations have been used on unique, one of a kind, complex projects that require a contractor's perspective on construction methods during preliminary plan development. The project has several objectives including: (1) Assess the effect of D-B, CM@R and other contracting on project quality, cost, and timeliness on government agency transportation improvement programs; (2) Recommend the appropriate level of design for D-B, CM@R and other types of procurements; (3) Assess the impact of D-B, CM@R and other contracting variations on small businesses; (4) Assess the potential subjectivity used in D-B, CM@R and other contracting; (5) Recommend actions and changes that government agencies can introduce to start initiation of D-B, CM@R and other methods; and (6) Identify barriers to implementation and offer suggestions on how to overcome project delivery issues.2007/4/1