Analysis and Effectiveness of Work Zone Traffic Calming Improvements

The objective of this research project is to analysis the effectiveness of work zone traffic calming improvements individually and used together. Department Capital Contract Program has implemented numerous work zone traffic calming improvements for safety of the traveling public and the workers in construction work zones including lowering work zone speed limits, stepping down lower work zone speed limits, doubling the fines for vehicles exceeding work zone speed limits, variable message signs displaying vehicle speeds, police vehicles in work zones, police conducting speed enforcement in work zones, reduced spacing of channelizing devices in work zones, lane shifts in work zones, and rumble strips. The effectiveness of an individual or a group of these improvements will be evaluated for effectiveness of calming traffic, promoting safety, and effecting work zone operation efficiency. The objective of this project is to evaluate the effectiveness, safety and efficiency of work zone traffic calming improvements enhancing expressway/parkway, multi-lane commercial/residential highways and city/village work zones. The project will identify the attributes and concerns of traffic calming improvements and continuously monitor traffic volumes, speeds, and types of vehicles using technology that is non-intrusive to traffic flow, as well as document effects to accident history and construction efficiency.