DART First State Delaware Paratransit Services Study A Review of Service Characteristics, Policy Implications and Options

This study involved an examination of the scope and character of Delaware's statewide ADA paratransit service, as currently provided by DART First State, and the county-by-county variations within service categories. Projections of service needs - developed from Delaware population estimates that reflect the proportion of persons, by age, expected to have disabilities that will affect their capacity to travel without assistance - indicate that these county-by-county disparities will become more significant in the future. Delaware's paratransit policies and procedures were reviewed in the context of the requirements of the ADA and the typical range of paratransit services provided in other jurisdictions. Cost estimates were developed to illustrate the policy implications associated with the continuation of the status quo, and the potentially disparate impact (by county) of program modification options which may be considered as service demand outpaces available resources. The option of adopting a policy model incorporating aspects of the "Seattle Plan" which has been implemented by King County Metro Transit in the state of Washington was examined in detail.