Transforming Data Into Information: The Development and Demonstration of a Model to Support Transportation Planning

In this project a functional prototype of web based documentation, search, cataloging, and organizational tool was created to demonstrate a potentially powerful aid to the Division of Planning. For purposes of discussion this utility will be termed the DUROS, the Documentation Utility for Referencing, Organization, and Search. The DUROS has the following features: • Easy documentation tools. If data isn’t documented or cataloged it can’t be searched effectively. If documentation is not easy, it won’t get done. • Ability to organize data in numerous ways without copying or moving data • Easily created customized views of files, directories, projects, and organizational areas. The system goes far beyond the limitations of organization by physical data folders. • Availability of the tool from any internet browser on a network • Data management utilities • Fast search utilities that can operate across several data servers or other areas specified by the user. Searches can be assigned as views or organizational areas for late reference. • Documentation at the time of data creation While many other features than those demonstrated could be built into the DUROSS it represents a simple but powerful utility that could be developed and implemented in the near term with relatively low cost when compared to large scale data warehouse efforts.