Costs and Benefits of Advanced Public Transportation Systems at DART First State

This project examined the costs and benefits of new technologies implemented at DART First State. Nationally the technologies come under the title of Advanced Public Transportation Systems (APTS). APTS technologies that were considered here include: (1)  Automatic Vehicle Location, (2) Operations Software; (3) Mobile Data Terminals, (4) Silent alarms/covert microphones/surveillance cameras, (5) Automated passenger information systems, (6) Automatic passenger counters, and (7) Vehicle Diagnostics. There is a very high degree of integration between all these pieces, brought together by a range of management software. In an examination of information available about APTS implementation around the country numerous benefits of APTS were referenced. National guidelines available for the evaluation of APTS and efforts were made in this project to conduct the cost/benefit analysis to these guidelines. Included in national evaluation guidelines is the establishment of an evaluation framework that provides the context for the evaluation for a specific transit agency. The primary higher level goals of DART First State's APTS technology implementation were identified.