Using Mult-Spectral Satellite Imagery to Enhance Slope Failure's Prediction

Work zone traffic controls are intended to make travel through roadway work zones more convenient for the traveling public, and to protect both motorists and field workers from accidents and injury. Much effort has been devoted to identifying the most desirable traffic control practices to employ in roadway work zones. Identifying desirable work zone practices is not enough--to realize any tangible benefits, these practices must also be implemented in the field. Impediments to implementing the desired work zone traffic control practices in the field include the difficulties in: (1) Communicating the desired practices to field personnel, (2) Getting the field personnel to devote attention to something other than the most obvious task of performing the road work, (3) Applying specific work zone traffic control principles to the wide variety of scenarios that can be encountered in roadway work zones. This project will provide field personnel with needed information and instruction, targeted at specific topics, to help improve the quality of roadway work zone traffic control schemes implemented in the field.