ADA Eligibility Process Control Model for DART First State Paratransit

The Americans with Disabilities Act  (ADA) paratransit eligibility process control model developed from our previous work is described in this report. The model was developed from a method based on the ADA of 1990 categories for eligibility. It provides the microstructure of mobility characteristics and the microstructure of the environmental characteristics, thereby allowing for the eligibility analysis of a given individual for a given trip. This approach provides a framework to create a rational solution when determining paratransit eligibility. The model was tested by using a sample 233 eligible paratransit riders on Delaware Transit Corporation (DTC), New Castle County. From the sample, 53 people with disabilities completed in-person interviews. The physical environments associated with the fixed route trip that respondents indicated they would take most frequently were also assessed. The data were successfully used in the process control model both to determine ADA paratransit eligibility and to analyze fixed routes for overall accessibility and compliance with the regulatory standards.