Jurisdictional Maintenance Project

This project addressed the maintenance activities on transportation facilities involved with cleaning, patching, resurfacing, vegetation control, curbs, drainage, beautification, bridges, sidewalks, signals, lights, signs, snow plowing, structural adjustment, and signal and light energy usage. Capital improvements for new facilities, or major retrofit of facilities were not addressed. Pavement resurfacing is typically included in capital budgets but as it is related to preservation of existing facilities, is was included in the costs that were studies. There are large costs associated with maintenance of transit facilities but these were not addressed in this project. Maintenance costs and budgets must be examined together with the condition of transportation facilities and level of service provided. Insufficient or no maintenance can lead to large capital replacement costs and shortened life span for facilities and that is not cost effective over several years. Not performing core maintenance and preservation also can lead to an inefficient, complaint based mode of reactive operation.