Strain Resistant, Extended Performance Pavements, an Alternate to Subdrainage

Deterioration or failure of pavement layers below the surface means pavement maintenance or rehabilitation costs will increase significantly. Moisture is one medium contributing to pavement deterioration. The effect can be countered by use of subdrainage systems. However, they increase pavement costs and are exhibiting their own maintenance needs. An alternate pavement type is the perpetual or strain resistant, extended performance pavement. This type of pavement uses a high binder, moisture and strain resistant hot mix asphalt (HMA) at the bottom of the pavement structure. Overlying layers are rut and fatigue resistant HMA mixtures. This study proposes construction of a strain resistant, extended performance pavement test section. Tests, including distress, FWD, smoothness and skid resistance, will be conducted on this test section on a periodic basis. Groups of in service pavements, both with and without subdrainage layers, will also be identified and evaluated for condition, structural capacity, smoothness and skid resistance. Performance of the strain resistant, extended performance pavement will be arrayed against that of the conventional pavements with and without subdrainage systems.