Performance Evaluation of 100-Year Coating Systems for Steel Bridges.

The Coatings and Corrosion Laboratory at Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center of Federal Highway Administration will select and evaluate seven highly durable and less maintenance required coating systems and two control systems. Most of the coating materials were selected based on their excellent performance records in the laboratories and/or in the field. Several coatings were chosen because they were considered emerging coating technologies with great potential. This study will commence in October 2008 and will be completed in three years. At total of 108 small size (6 x 4 in.) test panels and 27 large size (18 x 18 in.) test panels will be prepared and tested through accelerated laboratory testing and outdoor weathering testing at three exposure sites. Performance of the coating systems will be evaluated using Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS), surface failure characterizations, rust creepage at intentional scribes, pull-off adhesion, and changes of color and gloss.