CSHRP/SHRP Test Monitoring Program

Alberta has been an active supporter of the Canadian and U.S. Strategic Highways Research Programs since their inception. There are currently two CSHRP sites and six SHRP sites being monitored in Alberta. One of the CSHRP sites is monitored under for the long term pavement performance (LTPP) program and the other is designed for quality asphalt evaluations. All six U.S. SHRP sites are part of the 20-year LTTP study, with five being of the general pavement study (GPS) sections and one being a specific pavement study site ( SPS). The department's role is to prepare the test sites, coordinate all the required testing from the various consultants, and to summarize and forward the data to designated collection agencies. Measurements include skid resistance, surface distress mapping, benkelman beam falling weight deflectometer, dipstick surveys, and various asphalt quality tests. Thus far, the major problem has been collecting weigh in-motion (WIM) data because of faulty and inaccurate WIM equipment.