Passenger Security Virtual Reality Training Model

To increase transit security personnel responsiveness to deliberate acts of intentional harm in the transit environment, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) will develop an innovative Passenger Security Virtual Reality Model (VR Model) for Law Enforcement Personnel. MBTA will develop this virtual reality training model for first responders to terrorist incidents involving weapons of mass destruction, including chemical, biological, and radiological agents that result in major loss of human life and destruction of property. The VR Model will also prepare security personnel to effectively respond to catastrophic transportation incidents. The VR Model for Law Enforcement Personnel will use virtual reality technology to simulate the transit environment, design and enhance security countermeasures, and train security professionals to respond to acts of intentional harm to transit passengers and infrastructure. The MBTA Police Department will demonstrate and evaluate the VR technology, and develop standards for an effective VR Model for transportation security personnel and law enforcement professionals. Note: Virtual reality is a medium composed of highly interactive computer simulations; it is defined as an artificial environment created with computer hardware and software, and presented to the user in such a way that it appears and feels like a real environment.