Japanese Chubu-High Speed Surface Transportation - Adaptation

The FTA is examining the possibility of introducing magnetically levitated low speed vehicles for urban passenger transportation in the United States. One of the candidate Maglev technologies and concepts being considered for application is the Japanese Chubu-High Speed Surface Transportation (HSST) maglev system for urban transit. The Chubu-HSST maglev has been reported as a safe urban public transit system with the performance and economy superior to conventional urban transit systems. The objective of this research project is to evaluate and determine the feasibility of adapting the Japanese Chubu-HSST Maglev technology. The HSST uses electromagnetic suspension principles based on the attractive forces between the vehicle mounted electromagnets and the iron rail on the guideway for levitation. For propulsion, the system uses a vehicle mounted linear induction motor and a reactive aluminum plate on the guideway.