MagneMotion Urban Maglev Program

. The objective of this project is to develop magnetic levitation technology that offers a cost effective, reliable, and environmentally friendly transit option for urban mass transportation in the United States. MagneMotion, a provider of transportation and automation solutions based on linear motor propulsion and position sensing technologies, will conduct research under the FTA Urban Maglev Program. MagneMotion's advanced technology is scalable and adaptable to a wide range of applications, and can be integrated into the design of new systems or used to augment and improve existing systems. Under this project MagneMotion will lead the development of a key Maglev technology for future implementation in transportation systems serving traffic-congested urban areas. A key element of the MagneMotion Urban Maglev system is the use of bus-size vehicles that can operate with short headways under automatic control. This research purports to examine the feasibility of a wide-gap electromagnetic suspension (attractive force) technology, perform a proof-of-concept of an experimental prototype of that technology, identify potential transit markets, and deliver a final report to the FTA summarizing project performance and results.