Turnkey Demonstration Program Oversight

Turnkey, the Design-Build delivery method, is the focus of this oversight activity. Under this project, the Volpe Center will provide oversight and evaluation of oversight data collected for each of the five FTA-sponsored Transit Turnkey Demonstration Projects - Baltimore Central LIght Rail Line Extensions, Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) District Airport Extension, Los Angeles Union Station Gateway, San Juan Tren Urbano Rail Transit, and New Jersey Hudson-Bergen Line. Oversight contractors will assess the experience, effectiveness and value in the development of each turnkey/Design-Build transit project, and the value of the Turnkey method of project delivery vis-a-vis the conventional method. Special emphasis will be placed on cost, scheduling, technology and project management. Guidance will be based on best practices and lessons learned from the five demonstration projects, and how Design- Build can best be applied in the context of New Starts planning, project development, and implementation processes. The turnkey approach is expected to result in lower capital costs and fewer change orders and contract difficulties. The goals of Design-Build project delivery method are to speed project delivery, reduce costs, and introduce technological innovations.