Operation Respond Institute

Emergency responders to rail passenger accidents and incidents need accurate and timely location information. This project supports the efforts of the Operation Respond Institute to enhance the safety of commuter rail and transit system operations by deploying rail passenger emergency location and access mapping software along commuter and light rail corridors. The Operation Respond Institute is the owner and developer of the Operation Respond Emergency Information System - an emergency access and mapping software. This access and mapping software allows emergency responders to pinpoint and reach a rail passenger train or subway car involved in an accident or incident, by combining rail landmark information with public road and infrastructure maps. Such information, coupled with the rail passenger car schematics included in the software, allows responders to quickly reach the scene and perform emergency services. Operation Respond is a not-for-profit industry/government partnership established to provide lifesaving hazardous material and rail passenger rescue information directly from participating railroads and motor carriers to first responder police and fire personnel at the accident scene.