Salt Lake City Winter Olympics ITS Bus-Rail Integration System

This is the first automated BusLink Connection Protection system developed and now operating in Salt Lake City. Under this project, the Utah Transit Authority teamed up with an IntelligentTransportation Systems (ITS) contractor to design and develop the first automated connection protection system that reduces the number of passenger missed connections from TRAX trains, the city's light rail system, to the city bus. The project developed ITS software components for a full Bus-Rail integration system--0ne that was up and running for use before, during, and after the 2002 Olympic Winter Games. Using global positioning systems (GPS) and radio technology, rail arrival and departure information is automatically relayed to the connection protection system. The system was installed at six TRAX stations in time for the Winter Olympic Games. Upon completion, the software provided passengers with real-time light rail system status and arrivals as well as emergency messages and system notifications. Connection protection software combines existing resources with new technology and software to provide for the integration of rail-to-bus transfers, and to protect the connection between trains and buses, giving passengers a true bus link from their train to their bus. The automated system captures and relays information between trains, buses, and the transit authority through a simple and efficient architectural design. The integrated system contains both highway and transit elements, and a new 511 traveler information system. This is a congressionally directed project.