Washoe County Regional ITS Architecture/Integration Plan

This project supports the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Architecture/ Integration Program earmarked for Washoe County, Nevada. The Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) of Washoe County is the metropolitan planning organization for the Reno/Sparks Metropolitan Area. It is responsible for development of a Regional ITS plan to deploy ITS technologies in the region, outline a regional ITS architecture, and integrate all existing and committed ITS projects throughout the region. Under this multi-year project, the RTC will employ ITS technologies to improve the comfort, safety, service quality, and cost effectiveness of both fixed-route (Citifare) and paratransit (CitiLift) fleet. To do this, RTC will procure and install ITS technologies to existing fixed-route and paratransit fleet, including a Global Positioning System-based Automatic Vehicle Locator (A VL) system to better track and deploy transit vehicles. This system will allow RTC to accurately track the location of every vehicle in its Citifare and CitiLift transit system. Ultimately, the Regional ITS plan and architecture will link freeway system, transit services, arterial streets, traveler information, and regional traffic signal systems into a coherent framework. This is a congressionally directed project.