Pocatello Transit Agencies Coordinating Transportation Together

This project supports the Pocatello Regional Transit project titled, Agencies Coordinating Transportation Together (ACTT). Under this project, Pocatello Regional Transit will serve as the single point-of-contact for coordinating public transportation services, including those required by both public and private sector agencies, within a three county area. The project includes deployment and use of integrated intelligent transportation systems (ITS) technologies to coordinate and improve the quality and capacity of existing public transportation services within the three county service area. Pocatello Regional Transit will develop a prototype communications system, utilizing ITS technologies such as operational software and computer-aided dispatching (CAD) systems to provide for real time tracking and dispatching of transit vehicles, as well as coordinating and integrating the area transit service operations and route planning. ACTT intends to reduce duplicative transportation services. It will offer both public and private agencies the opportunity to use a single-point of contact for public transportation services in the area. When fully deployed and integrated, the ITS technology will enable the public transportation system to operate more efficiently and safely. Project is funded under the National ITS Program, administered by the Department's ITS Joint Program Office.