Bus Rapid Transit Program Technical Assistance

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is viewed as an ideal setting for the application of advancements in intelligent transportation systems (ITS), bus vehicle technology, and other customer service innovations. Integration of these technological and operational innovations improve transit service and help attract commuters away from single occupancy vehicles to public transit. This project provides technical and programmatic support to the BRT Demonstration Program, focusing on extending the ITS marketplace to FTA BRT Consortium participants at the local level. Project activities include assessment of the potential of ITS services and technologies to improve BRT systems, development of a hierarchy of ITS services and technologies appropriate for inclusion in the BRT Demonstration Program, and development of products that resolve ITS implementation issues, as well as monitor research programs and operational tests that demonstrate the benefits of integrating ITS applications in BRT services. Technical assistance also supports the active participation of the contractor in all BRT Consortium activities, informing transportation professionals of the benefits of integrating ITS technology applications for their local areas, including more efficient use of the infrastructure and energy resources, complemented by measurable improvement in safety, mobility, productivity and accessibility. Bus Rapid Transit is a rapidly emerging transportation concept gaining in popularity around the world.