Hennepin County Community Works Program

Hennepin County, the City of Minneapolis, the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, the Suburban Hennepin Regional Park District, and the Minneapolis School District have developed an intergovernmental planning framework for infrastructure investment called Hennepin Community Works Program (HCWP). HCWP is a comprehensive planning tool designed to assist in the coordination, planning, and effective use of multi-jurisdictional infrastructure and economic investments. Research projects are selected that will increase overall mobility and access to employment opportunities, encourage creation of new jobs through business development, and improve the residential and commercial tax base by enhancing property values. Several research studies are currently underway, such as: (1) examining how roadway design standards can be modified to better accommodate transit infrastructure, (2) examining potential economic impact of transit alternatives within and urban corridor, (3) examining the cost/benefit of transit oriented development, and (4) examining the application of bus rapid transit and Diesel Motor Unit technologies to new transit corridors. This amendment will assist Hennepin County's continuing effort to develop and apply the information generated through the HCWP projects to the development of a model for transit-oriented infrastructure improvements. The model will serve as a guide for other communities in developing solutions to the growing problem of economic deterioration in urban neighborhoods and suburban municipalities. This is a congressionally directed project.