Historic Preservation of Intermodal Transit Centers: Integration Versus Isolation

This project will explore the relationship between intermodal transit centers and transportation systems integration, as well as surrounding land uses. The project will focus on how these centers fit into settings (residential, commercial, institutional) of high and moderate densities, and how these settings strengthen the role that the centers play in community revitalization, transportation efficiency, environmental quality, as well as overall livability and economic growth. Case studies will focus on location, leveraging of funds, financial arrangements, impediments, commonalities needed for success, and the potential these projects have in increasing transit ridership, promoting economic development, extending the reach of transit, and promoting land use supportive of transit. These findings will help elected government officials at all levels, transportation professionals including planners and engineers, downtown revitalization advocates, transportation advocacy organizations, and others to make enlightened decisions on future transportation investments while improving mobility choices, reducing travel times and congestion, as well as creating public/private partnerships to meet transportation demands and economic growth.