ADA Key Rail Station Compliance

Transportation is vital in maintaining mobility for persons with disabilities-provides links to employment, health care centers, community affairs, and improves the overall quality of life. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that public transportation services and facilities, including trains and rail stations, be accessible to persons with disabilities. New rail stations, those designated as key stations and where substantial station facility alterations have occurred, must be made accessible. To be eligible for federal funding, the grant recipient must self-certify compliance with ADA requirements. Key station compliance assessment is one of the most important aspects of ADA rail oversight. The objective of this continuing compliance assessment project is to assist the FTA staff in implementing its ADA rail oversight responsibility. The compliance assessment includes on site evaluation of 150 additional existing and new key stations at 13 rail systems. The contractor will assess the selected key and new rail stations, prepare a final report and follow-up activity with transit systems to ensure that recommended actions are taken to correct deficiencies noted in the compliance assessment. Key rail station assessments have facilitated a significant increase in the number of fully compliant key rail stations over the last several years. Assessments assure that stations certified as ADA compliant remain in actual compliance with current standards. The FT A Office of Civil Rights selects key rail stations for review.