Transportation Research Board Core Program

This project provides ongoing support to the core activities of the Transportation Research Board (TRB)-a unique source of independent expertise that develops and disseminates innovative research information addressing transit issues. The TRB core activities are designed to generate information, share ideas, and transfer knowledge about FTA's Research and Technology programs and projects with partners in the transportation community and with the general public. This core program support enables TRB to maintain an extensive network of transit experts in research, operations, and academia to work together on commonly held critical transit needs, and to resolve these issues through transit research, discussion, and dissemination. Under this project, activities of the TRB core research program and FTA Research & Technology Program areas are published and communicated in various formats--information packets, journals, brochures, best practices manual, annotated bibliographies, and other materials that will create public awareness of the benefits of transit. Another core activity supported under this project is the Department's Transportation Research Information Service (TRIS) online bibliographic database-the world's most comprehensive source of surface transportation information in the world. In 2001, 26,000 records were added to TRIS, about 1650 were transit records. The TRIS database now totals 549,710 records. TRIS is available worldwide and contains both (1) summary descriptions of unpublished research in progress, and (2) document abstracts of published literature on highway research, rural, urban, and intercity transit research, highway safety research, railroad research and maritime research. The web version of the TRIS Database (published research) is available on the Internet as TRIS Online []. The Research in Progress database (unpublished research) is available on the TRB Website at []