Advanced Public Transportation Systems - APTS Technical Support

The objective of this project is to provide continuing technical support to the FTA Advanced Public Transportation Systems (APTS) Program--the transit component of the Department's Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Initiative. The APTS program is designed to encourage development and deployment of innovative technologies and strategies to improve all aspects of public transportation and ridership, using smart ITS technologies. APTS, also called Transit ITS, offers low-cost technology-based solutions to the challenges confronting the nation's public transportation systems. APTS incorporates state-of-the-art computer, telecommunications, and navigation technologies to improve the service and safety of public transit. Under this project, technical support covers development and management of several projects, including: Transit Intelligent Vehicle Initiative (IVI) and System Integration Testing; Smartcard Guidelines Update; ITS Standards Development; Transitweb Maintenance; and FTA Technical Staff Support. Technical staff support activities will include reviewing, analyzing and coordinating information in support of the APTS program, as well as updating reference material on the deployment and state-of-the-art in Transit ITS technology. Project is funded under the DOT National ITS Program.