Bus Rapid Transit IVI Lane Assist Technology Requirements

The objective of this project is to assist Central Florida Regional Transit Authority (LYNX) in identifying local requirements for the application of lane assist technology and other ITS solutions, as part of a Bus Rapid Transit System. This Intelligent Vehicle Initiative (IVI) project provides input to the Bus Rapid Transit Intelligent Vehicle Initiative (BRT/IVI) Lane Assist Requirements project in Minnesota. LYNX is interested in implementing IVI lane guidance technology in Florida transit operations. Lane assist technology increases the safety of transit vehicles operating in narrow lanes, high-occupancy-vehicle lanes, and bus shoulder lanes, and allows the vehicle to operate at higher operating speeds. This project will identify the LYNX requirements for lane assist technology and enable a LYNX representative to serve on a steering committee with Metro Transit of Minneapolis on the development of national level requirements for lane assist technology. These local requirements, along with those from other supporting agencies, will be incorporated into a national standard for lane assist technology development and deployment for safe transit operations. Project is funded under the DOT National ITS Program.